Plaça Sant Just


Plaça Sant Just

Off to the left side of city hall down Carrer Hèrcules (named for the mythical founder of Barcelona) are this square and the site of the Església de Sant Just i Pastor, one of the city's oldest Christian churches. Unfortunately, nothing remains of the original church, founded in 801 by King Louis the Pious; the present structure dates to 1342. Christian catacombs are reported to have been found beneath Plaça. The Gothic fountain was built in 1367 by the patrician Joan Fiveller, then Chief Minister of the city administration. (Fiveller's major claim to fame was to have discovered a spring in the Collserola hills, and had the water piped straight to Barcelona.) The fountain in the square bears an image of St. Just, and the city and sovereign count-kings' coats of arms, along with a pair of falcons. The excellent entryway and courtyard to the left of Carrer Bisbe Caçador is the Palau Moixó, the town house of an important early Barcelona family; down Carrer Bisbe Caçador is the Acadèmia de Bones Lletres, the Catalan Academy of Arts and Letters. The church is dedicated to the boy martyrs Just and Pastor; the Latin inscription over the door translates into English as "Our pious patron is the black and beautiful Virgin, together with the sainted children Just and Pastore."


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