The rivers and canals of Europe are open for travel

As many as 20,000 total miles of inland waterways let travelers absorb European culture at a relaxed, leisurely and up-close pace. The waterways of Austria, The Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, and others now have many options to meet the growing demand for river cruising.

No longer an obscure way to see old Europe, travel by river is one of the best ways to venture out and take in the heart of the continent. This guide looks at the options available to travelers wishing to take a trip through Europe from a river"s perspective, easing through the countryside at a pace that permits all of the culture"s best possibilities to unfold. Travelers who return from river cruises carry memories of very intimate encounters with the countryside, local people, and fellow passengers. River cruise and barging travelers inevitably become true enthusiasts for the experience.

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A traveler can journey Europe's waterways in a variety of ways. River cruising most often refers to river going cruise ships typically carrying fewer than 250 passengers. As such, river cruising ships are much smaller than mass-market, ocean-going vessels, but as riverboats go, are on the larger end of the scale. Western and Central Europe have many river routes to offer larger cruise boats. Popular itineraries include the Danube visiting Hungary, Austria and Germany, and the Elbe River through Germany and the Czech Republic. In France, the Rhone and the Soane meander through Provence and Burgundy, while the Seine takes passengers through Paris and Giverny. In Northern Italy, the Po offers exciting opportunities with a variety of river cruise companies. Finally, the Volga, connecting St. Petersburg and Moscow provides a decidedly different way to port between these two magnificent cities. River cruises tend to be affairs of luxury, with an emphasis on informal, but upscale travel. Relaxation and intensive sightseeing are the main activities, as organized entertainment is somewhat limited on most river cruises, except for the occasional lecture or sing-along. Mostly, the crew allows passengers to enjoy their time as they see fit.

There is no better way to experience a destination than a river cruise. It's simple, comfortable and offers full cultural immersion with longer stays in port and enrichment programs onboard. Offering spacious, well-appointed suite accommodations, the exceptional quality, and service.

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